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A common limiting factor in athlete’s jump is elasticity in their muscles. To get the best jump you want to be able to Have the right form (jump correctly) Have the right strength Have the right conditioning Becoming more flexible helps with point #1. If you are unable to crouch properly because your hips, quads, […]

Jumping Rope

This is a basic one, almost everyone has done. Here’s what you may not know: The calf action is a huge part of your jump Most jumper’s can get an extra few centimeters quickly by strengthening their calf, ankle, and feet Yes, your feet help too – imagine the action of your foot in a […]

The Wall Ball

This crossfit exercise is great for jump training because it strengthens your legs while mimicking the same crouch and explode movement you’ll make when jumping. A surprising benefit of this exercise is your arm action. The catching and throwing helps you coordinate your arms with your legs (timing is critical for maximum jump). The Wall […]