Jumping Rope

This is a basic one, almost everyone has done.

Here’s what you may not know:

  • The calf action is a huge part of your jump
  • Most jumper’s can get an extra few centimeters quickly by strengthening their calf, ankle, and feet
  • Yes, your feet help too – imagine the action of your foot in a slow jumping motion. First your heel leaves the ground (calf work) then the ball of your foot (still calf work) then your final lead off should be with your big toe (foot work)

Here’s an extra tip:

  • Doing double-unders can help you focus more on your lift
  • You have to jump higher to get two revolutions of the rope so it makes you work, rather than just skipping only a few centimeters off the ground
  • This will also help you with building cardio
  • Watch the hang time in this video to see the proper form and note how it can translate into an improved jumping motion

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